Joshua “Josh” Cameron

Son of Everett and Katie Cameron and younger brother to Everleigh, he was born as a surprise pregnancy, which has a history of happening in the Cameron clan and is dubbed ‘the Cameron curse’.

Close to his parents and sister he had an uneventful, regular childhood until his turned 15 and fell in love for the first time with Emerson “Emmi” Welsh. When the young couple got in trouble in school, Everett demanded they break up and not see each other again, which resulted in them running away.

After many months living on the streets and some traumatic experiences they returned home safely and Everett apologized for his overreaction.

Josh ended up marrying Emmi and they have a son together, Coleton, named after Emmi’s late mother who passed in a car crash, Coleton being her maiden name.

Josh became an architect like his father and older sister before him, working with them at EC Architects, the architectural office his father Everett founded when he was only 22 years old.
During the 45th anniversary of EC Architects Everett announced his retirement, Everleigh left the company to open a store with her husband, so Josh took over completely.