Generation 5 – Esmée & Ethan Cameron

Esmée’s Biography (Click)
Ethan’s Biography (Click)

Esmée is the older of the twins by a few minutes. She and her brother Ethan always had the tight relationship twins often share which lasts through the years.
Both siblings are also close with their parents and grandparents as well as with their aunt and uncle and cousin Coleton – called Cole – who is only a few months their junior.


Prologue) The Twins
5-1) Family, Friends, Foes & First Love
5-2) Fallen From Grace
5-3) Revenge Is …
5-4) Everything Remains As It Never Was
5-5) The Shielded Heart
5-6) Running Into Fate
5-7) The Dance
5-8) Everett Heights
5-9) Coming of Age
5-10) Melancholy
5-11) The Right Kind of Wrong
5-12) Granny Knows Best
5-13) When You Least Expect It
5-14) Forgotten
5-15) Lost
5-16) Uncertainty
5-17) The Epiphany
5-18) Shared Sorrow
5-19) Meet The Family
Esmée & Nick’s Wedding


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