Eternal Love

DISCLAIMER: You may need tissues, some very sappy and sobby parts in this one. Liam and Vivian walked out of the beachhouse together. Both visited their aging parents as often as possible, usually with their spouses, sometimes with their children, who were all grown now, busy with their own lives. Leonie and Vitto had office... Continue Reading →

1-76) Dates

The sun began to set over San Myshuno. I looked up from the proposal I had been reading over and out of the window, leaned back in my chair, propped my feet onto the desk. Still loved this view, even though it was pretty cloudy and foggy today. Still amazing in its own right. San... Continue Reading →

Vivian’s Story) Not Again!

Daily life at the Auditore Junior household had settled into a routine. Every morning Vivian and Vitto would get up together, shower together, have coffee together. Then his father's driver would make his stop to pick Vitto up, they would kiss each other goodbye and while Vitto went to work at his father's business in... Continue Reading →

Vivian’s Story) A Walk in the Park

"Hey sweetheart. How about a date tonight? Yes, just got home. OK, I'll come by and pick you up. See you in about 30 minutes. Love you. Bye." Vitto smiled big as he was hanging up the phone. "Umm ... Vitto. Could it be that your navigation system is drunk? This isn't a Lounge, this... Continue Reading →

Vivian’s Story) Clarity

Where had I disappeared off to you are wondering? Into the jungle. Oh no, not Selvadorama. Just Granite Falls. When I was a child, we used to come here a lot. My parents loved this place and so did I. According to my dad I was even conceived here, but you know my dad, that... Continue Reading →

Vivian’s Story) Love Misunderstood

I was over at Vitto's home, we were watching a movie while enjoying some wine, curled up on the couch together. Usually when we did this, I would stay overnight, we'd have coffee together in the morning, and when Ezio's driver would stop by to pick Vitto up, since it was on the way, I... Continue Reading →

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