Side Story – Autumn) Full Circle

He sat on the bed, staring out the large panorama window into the nighttime cityscape to his left. A stunning view, but lost on him, so he stared at the wall in front of him instead. His life had changed in its entirety over the past months, unlike all the times prior though this time... Continue Reading →

Side Story – Autumn) Bob

The next hours we all spent sitting or standing around nervously, Caleb looked heartbroken but calm, Silas' face was motionless as a mask, Ezio looked worried and angry at the same time. Blaine was holding me tightly against his chest,  so I could not see his face, but he seemed tense, like me.  What I... Continue Reading →

Side Story – Autumn) The Devil Reincarnate

The seasons of joy, happiness, togetherness and family came and went. Our interwoven group celebrated mostly together to some degree or another. Otherwise life stayed mostly uneventful, aside from the usual mostly entertaining squabbles between Ezio and Blaine and/or Liam and his sister Vivian, just daily life. While Ezio never warmed up to the idea... Continue Reading →

Side Story – Autumn) Shadow of a Doubt

"Good morning!" Lucien greeted us as he entered our kitchen "Morning." Blaine sounded grumpy, sitting at the kitchen island in front of his coffee, eyeing the new arrival. "Good morning Lucien. Want some coffee?" I asked from next to Blaine. "Yes, thanks I'll get it." Lucien smiled at me. Still a rare occurrence for him.... Continue Reading →

Side Story – Autumn) The Decision

Weeks passed since Autumn's rescue and the Count's demise at the hand of his own son Lucien. The tribunal had met and reluctantly agreed to Caleb's recommendations of not only letting Lucien live, but also attempting to re-socialize him. He had been stripped of his powers and possessions, now merely possessed the strength of a... Continue Reading →

Side Story – Autumn) Bitter Revenge

The motorcycle howled up, then roared away, the noise of the engine fading into the distance. I stood by the front door watching it until it was out of my sight, worried sick. Caleb had asked Blaine to accompany him to the meeting between Lucien and his father, the old Count. It sounded dangerous to... Continue Reading →

Side Story – Autumn) Revelations

Autumn woke up violently ill. She threw up until she felt parched and empty. Pulling herself up by the sink she cleaned off and drank water from the faucet. Looking up at herself in the mirror she felt sad again. She looked as pitiful as she felt and felt tears beginning to well up again.... Continue Reading →

Side Story – Autumn) The Plot Thickens

  Ezio nearly looked as pale as Blaine always had when he first arrived at our doorstep, just for different reasons. Blaine had always been on the lighter complexion side, but when he died he was embalmed before he rose again as a vampire, which left him significantly paler than vampires like Ezio and me,... Continue Reading →

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