These are the stories of the Cameron clan, named after its founder Blaine Cameron.

While there are plenty of ups and downs, the storms of life will usually be weathered with a healthy dose of humor, especially where Blaine is involved. The Generation 1 chapters are definitely worth a read, for his antics and jokes alone. I loved that Blaine and am still heartbroken that he died recently.

A good part of the story will be told through the eyes of Blaine’s wife, at least for a while.

Later we will tell you the story from the third person point of view, once Liam Cameron, the official Generation 2, takes over.

We have now concluded Generation 3, with Everett Cameron at the helm, which he has handed over to his only child, Everleigh Rose Cameron, called Evey, for the Generation 4. Unlike her father, she has a very outgoing, trusting and open personality and many friends, which continues to get her in trouble in the ever-changing world they live in.

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There are several side chapters about noteworthy characters, incl. Blaine and Viktoria’s firstborn daughter Vivian as well as many special links to see the engagements, weddings, births and deaths that happened in the story. You can find those and more in the menu bar under “Background Info”.

Generation 1 – Blaine Cameron

Generation 2 – Liam Cameron

Generation 3 – Everett Cameron

Generation 4 – Everleigh Rose Cameron

A small FYI: Since my blog was originally hosted elsewhere and then I had the stories split up across several blogs, for the Generation 1 and beginning of Generation 2 it is easier if you use the Table of Contents I created to go from one chapter to the next in the correct sequence rather than using the “Next Chapter” link at the end of each chapter as that often is not in proper chronological order. After that and for all of Generation 3 and beyond it will work fine. 

Disclaimer: there will be some occasional cursing and rarely some semi-NSFW things in the story-line.  Nothing too dramatic and character-driven, but worth mentioning.